Welcome to the Logos University International, UniLogos was born to promote educational internationalization. We are a university focused on teaching quality and seeking to apply the production/publication model. We believe that science and professional development start from a continuous effort in research.

You who have come this far and are starting our admissions process, we can say that you will have a liberating education experience.

UniLogos University works with active educational methodologies and loves its own higher-level education model called Knowledge Curatorship.

As you can see in our field of methodology, today you will start a journey of prominence, building your intellectual capital with guidance, but if you lose your pleasure and your originality.

Becoming a professional and a researcher is a reality and we believe in you, we believe in your ability!



Our admissions process is simple and very dynamic.

It is important that you follow this process so that we can compose all of your documentation in an orderly manner, complying with the requirements of the Commercial Law of the State of Hawaii.

1. Read the website information;
2. Choose the course you want;
3. Fill out the form with the requested information;
4. Attach the necessary documents to the type of course;
5. Pay admission fees (we maintain 50 full scholarships per year for Hawaii residents);
6. Follow the admission process and education department e-mails;

Our Course contract is carried out electronically, you will receive an email with the contract attached, you must read its content, remove doubts and click on sign the contract.

To start your admission process, express your interest through our e-mail: 



We are a transparent institution in our actions, we have trained more than 5,000 professionals.

UniLogos University is an International University with experience and long experience in higher education, we started our history in education in 2006 and were incorporated in 3 North American states with the objective of bringing quality education in online teaching.

In our trajectory, we have always respected the established Authorities, we have never responded to any type of complaint with the Authorities precisely because we behave in a respectful and legal manner.

The governing body of UniLogos University is composed of Military Officers, Diplomats. Lawyers and Entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create an innovative Education project that allows access to all people, free from discrimination and with clear objectives.

The Independent University model is the model that can give access to all human beings. Education can change the world and we are striving to make it happen.

1. UniLogos is an institution with many international agreements;
2. Courses 100% online or in the hybrid model with occasional face-to-face meetings (check locations and availability);
3. Own methodology based on scientific production;
4. We meet the requirements for the domain (restricted to accredited universities);
5. International Student Card recognized by UNESCO;
6. Precedent of recognition of diplomas in several countries;
7. International Accreditation (Read our Accreditation field for more information) by a reputable and quality International Accreditation body;
8. Member of INQAAHE – Higher Education Quality Assurance Network present in 140 countries;
9. Authorized by official higher education bodies;
10. Dual degree program (you can receive more than one diploma from different countries);
11. Modern and own teaching platform;
12. Financial management carried out by an experienced company for over 15 years (stability);
13. Foreign tenured research professors and associate research professors from several countries;
14. Possibility of participating as a professor in Undergraduate and Specialization courses (project for the insertion of Master’s and Doctoral students in the Academy);
15. Quality educational events;
16. Publications in a scientific journal included in the process;
17. Online mediation with responsive service;
18. Helpdesk system (your service is monitored by the quality and compliance sector);


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